Helping Hampshire to transform homes

Many people would like to make changes to the structure or outlay of their homes in order to make them more suitable for day to day living and create more effective use of space. Whether these changes are major or minor, many people simply put off the work due to being unsure about where to start. At The Home Shop we address these issues and offer a truly comprehensive service to help you create a home that really works for you and your lifestyle. We provide expert designs for construction, building and renovation work, no matter how big or how small the proposed changes are. To save you time, we also offer expert project management in regards of delivering the result of the plans, ensuring perfect and precise work takes place. We can assist with any rebuilding or renovation work you want done at your home, in particular being able to assist with the increasingly sought after bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors are an innovative and highly appreciated design which helps people to re-imagine their homes in a way they want it to be. Other than allowing a wider amount of access to rooms and homes, bi-fold doors also allow for more natural light to flow through a room. This helps increase the energy efficiency of a building, a quality which many of us are seeking as a means to reduce our increasingly expensive energy consumption.

Our services as the leading providers of architectural services in Winchester and Hampshire are as broad and as inclusive as you would need and expect them to be to ensure your precise requirements are met. From initial discussions and plan design and development through to the completion of the work itself, we deliver an end-to-end, one-stop service. We also assist with all technical and practical matters associated with carrying out work on a property, in particular helping you with applying for and obtaining planning permission.

We are here to help you turn your ideal house into the perfect home. No matter how big or how small you believe the project to be, we can ensure it comes into being in the most professional way possible, meeting any budgetary constraints that may be in place. We always welcome people contacting us with questions or queries regarding ideas they have, and we are always happy to share our ideas and knowledge with you.