Planning Process Explained

Planning Process Explained

To submit a successful planning application, regardless of whether it is for a new home or a house extension, 4 copies of the building plans and application forms must been submitted along with the application fee.

A planning application has a target timescale of 8 weeks.

When a planning application is submitted the application will first be sent to the validation department who will check all of the necessary criteria have been met and register the application allocating it a unique number and producing a “Site Notice”.

The site notice will be sent to the Applicant who will display the Site Notice outside the application site for 28 days.

The validation team will also write to the neighbours to the application site informing them that an application has been made and inviting them to inspect the plans either at the Council Offices or online.

This is the start of the “Consultation Period” which last for 28 days.

The Parish council will also be sent one copy and they will make comment on the proposal.

Consultants within the Local Authority may also be consulted. This may include; Highways, Arboriculture, Landscaping, Environmental Health, Environment Agency, Conservation.

At the end of the Consultation period the case officer will make a site visit with the project drawings all the comments that have been made to make an on-site assessment.

The Case Officer will then make a recommendation either to support or reject the application by way of an Officers Report. This report will then be forwarded to the team leader who will check and sign off the report.

If the case officer is not in support of the application it will be refused.

If the case officer is in support of the application but the scheme has attracted 6 objections from 6 households or an objection from the parish council the application will be put before the monthly Planning Committee.

The case officer will then present the case to the 13 members of the Committee who will debate and vote on the approval. The scheme will either be approved or refused.

If less that 6 objections are received, then the application can be approved directly by the Planning Department.

If an application is refused the Applicant has the right to Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. A duplicate of the case will be presented which will be judged on a national level.