Do I Need Planning Permission?

Planning permission is not always required. Permitted Development right do exist for many properties but this is not always the case and must be confirmed in writing by the planning department before any building work commences.

How much does a Planning Application cost?

The Local Authority charge £150 for a household planning application and £335 for a new dwelling.

Do I need planning for a loft conversion?

Many Loft Conversions are constructed without planning approval using permitted development rights.

Do I need planning to construct a porch?

A porch with a floor area of 3m2 and no more than 4m in height generally fall under ‘PD’ rights and do not require planning approval. Check with the Local Authority to check that your ‘PD’ rights remain intact at the property.

How long does the approval process take?

On average a project which includes planning approval, building control, structural design, schedule of works and tender will take up to 6 months from the site survey to the day the tenders are sent to the contractors.

How long does Planning Approval last?

Most planning approvals last for 3 years but once the principal has been established renewal of a lapsed permission is likely.

Do I need to make a Building Regulation Application?

Building Control need to be involved for the majority of building projects.

What is a Building Regulation Application?

Before construction can commence you will be required to make a Building Regulation application. This will consist a set of technical drawings which will be at a scale of 1:50, and will include plans, elevations, sections and a specification and are expressly for the purpose of obtaining Building Control Approval. The proposal will be checked and approved by the Local Authority before work commences to prevent mistakes occurring on site.

Once on site the Building Inspector will visit, inspect and sign off the various stages of the construction then issue a completion certificate at the end of the project to confirm that the project was constructed in accordance with the current standards. This certificate will need to produce when you sell the property.

How much does the Local Authority charge for a Building Regulation application?

Generally all projects will require Building Control Approval from the Local Authority. The Home Shop will prepare a set of Building Control Plans which will include Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Site Plan a Basis Specification relating directly to Building Control issues.

The plans which contain technical information will be submitted to the Local Authority for checking (Plan Check). Once Building Control are satisfied with the basic design they will issue a ‘Plan Check Approval’. This approval often contains conditions such as ‘Pending Structural Design’. In essence this allows the process to continue whilst a Structural Engineering Design is prepare in parallel with the development of the scheme. Any condition must usually be satisfied prior to the commencement of works.

What is a Building Control Drawing?

A Building Control drawing contains specific technical information that the Building Control department are concerned with such as Structure, Fire Safety, Sound Transmission, Ventilation, Drainage, Stairs & Access, Heating & Insulation. A Building Control drawing is different from a Construction drawing as it does not include all construction details such as skirting boards, ironmongery, paint finishes, electrical layouts or external works.

What is a Schedule of Works?

A Schedule of Works is a written breakdown of each item of work that the builder is to price for. It is usually impossible to relay off the Clients requirements to the builder on a drawing. Providing a Schedule of Works ensures that the tendering contractors are pricing to the same level which will ensure like for like prices are received. The Schedule of Works which also includes the site rules, electrical layout and workmanship standards will then be used as the basis of the building contract.